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"The Magic Question: A Simple Question Every Leader Dreams of Answering"

♥ Book Title : The Magic Question: A Simple Question Every Leader Dreams of Answering
♣ Name Author : David Cottrell
∞ Launching : 2013-03-08
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780071806176
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0071806172
⊕ Number Pages : Total 112 sheet
♮ News id : U-OEUOZrs0QC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "The business leader’s toolbox for increasing morale, decreasing turnover, and contributing more than ever to your company’s bottom line “What if you could create a culture where everyone is committed to the greater good of the organization? Sound like a pipe dream? David Cottrell will show you the way . . . .” –Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead with Luv How can I help? Isn't that the question every leader longs to hear? What if every person on your team consistently asked you, How can I help? What if your team was totally in sync with and committed to achieving your organizations objectives? What if everyone on your team was willing to leave his or her comfort zone and take a risk to help your team win? Impossible? Unrealistic? Pollyanna? No. The team with the best leader usually wins. Sounds simple ... but what does it take to be the best leader? Often what is missing is the understanding of how to lead others toward a common goal. In its simplest form, leadership comes down to answering six key questions that are important to your team. When your teams needs are being met, they will want to ask you The Magic Question: How can I help? If you depend on results from others, this book is for you. It offers a proven method for creating an atmosphere in which employees willingly give discretionary effort. The Magic Question is not about a new leadership strategy. Strategies come and go. What you will learn in is tried and true regardless of the strategic focus of the time, and the principles apply to businesses in every industry, as well as schools, hospitals, churches, even homes. When you hear The Magic Question, you will know you are on your way to better results and to achieving them faster than ever before. Every team asks the questions. Great leaders have the answers. David Cottrell is President and CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute, one of the nation’s largest publishers of management and leadership resources."Article| David Cottrell| Statement ..."

"The Magic Question"

♥ Book Title : The Magic Question
♣ Name Author : Bart A Baggett
∞ Launching : 2016-08-12
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1882929187
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781882929184
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet
♮ News id : F-cpvgAACAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Can one simple daily habit increase your happiness and double the speed of success? Readers of this book say it can. This is a scientific-based success methodology is distilled down into its one easy and effective method. This daily habit utilizes your own self-talk to create a more powerful and effective internal dialogue. This system will quite the negative voices which cause you to feel stuck and fearful while profoundly increasing the speed at which you manifest goals and desires. The Magic Question might sound too good to be true, but it's based on sound brain science and advanced linguistics. Best of all...it's easy to listen to and filled with fun stories. It has nothing to do with more effort, visualization, or even goal setting but can serve to powerfully enhance any of those things. It's about shifting your mind in the direction of happiness, success, and optimism...using the power of one question a day. It's so easy that kids can do it. Bart Baggett, internationally known speaker and thought leader in the fields of NLP and forensic handwriting analysis, explains one of his favorite personal success habits he developed over the past 20 years as a teacher and a person who wanted more. If you are a fan of neurolinguistic programing or other self-help tools, this one technique will enhance and increase the speed at which you see results. It is startlingly effective and so simple to learn that you could teach your children. Best of all...it's even fun to practice! Start today finding your magic question and see the results yourself!"Article| Bart A Baggett| Statement ..."

"A Question of Magic"

♥ Book Title : A Question of Magic
♣ Name Author : E.D. Baker
∞ Launching : 2014-04-10
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781408847015
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1408847019
⊕ Number Pages : Total 250 sheet
♮ News id : aMdEAwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Serafina is living the normal life of a village girl when she gets a mysterious letter from a great-aunt she's never heard of. Little does she know, her great-aunt is actually Baba Yaga, the witch. Summoned to her great-aunt's magical cottage, Serafina's life takes an amazing turn as she finds herself acquiring the powers of Baba Yaga. But as she grows into her new role, answering the first question any stranger might ask her with the truth, she learns that telling the future doesn't always mean knowing the right answers! In her own unique way, bestselling author E.D. Baker has crafted a funny and romantic story that combines some fabulous details from the original Slavic tale, with a wonderful new twist!"Article| E.D. Baker| Statement ..."

"A Question of Faith"

♥ Book Title : A Question of Faith
♣ Name Author : Nicole Zoltack
∞ Launching : 2016-10-14
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781523343027
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1523343028
⊕ Number Pages : Total 249 sheet
♮ News id : indUDwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Nicole Zoltack| Statement ..."

"Tennis Magic"

♥ Book Title : Tennis Magic
♣ Name Author : Steve Mallory
∞ Launching : 2005
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781412042024
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 141204202X
⊕ Number Pages : Total 284 sheet
♮ News id : 3auyEJJDVhcC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Tennis Magic joyfully demolishes the old myth that tennis is "too hard to learn" by de-mystifying every aspect of learning and playing the game. Smart, challenging and funny, it's loaded with tricks that are sure to supercharge your game and your enjoyment of the sport."Article| Steve Mallory| Statement ..."

"Heritage Rare Books & Manuscripts Auction Final Session # 683"

♥ Book Title : Heritage Rare Books & Manuscripts Auction Final Session # 683
♣ Name Author : no defined
∞ Launching :
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1599672596
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781599672595
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet
♮ News id : MSUrX2qBdLoC

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| no defined| Statement ..."

"Magic Of Thinking Big"

♥ Book Title : Magic Of Thinking Big
♣ Name Author : David Schwartz
∞ Launching : 1987-04-02
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780671646783
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0671646788
⊕ Number Pages : Total 192 sheet
♮ News id : dCiKwV5CNHMC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Millions of readers have acquired the secrets of success through The Magic of Thinking Big. Achieve everything you always wanted: financial security, power and influence, the ideal job, satisfying relationships, and a rewarding, happy life. Set your goals high...then exceed them! Millions of people throughout the world have improved their lives using The Magic of Thinking Big. Dr. David J. Schwartz, long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, will help you sell better, manage better, earn more money, and—most important of all—find greater happiness and peace of mind. The Magic of Thinking Big gives you useful methods, not empty promises. Dr. Schwartz presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life, and your community. He proves that you don’t need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction—but you do need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there. This book gives you those secrets! Believe you can succeed and you will: -Cure yourself of the fear of failure -Think and dream creatively -You are what you think you are -Make your attitudes your allies -Learn how to think positively -Turn defeat into victory -Use goals to help you grow -Think like a leader"Article| David Schwartz| Statement ..."

"42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness (2nd Edition)"

♥ Book Title : 42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness (2nd Edition)
♣ Name Author : Michael Griego
∞ Launching : 2012-12-26
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781607730330
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1607730332
⊕ Number Pages : Total 129 sheet
♮ News id : cwwiiaPmdLEC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "If you are a professional salesperson, sales manager or director, VP of sales, CEO, any role in marketing, or anyone supporting selling efforts, this book is for you. It will teach you updated tools, language and tactics of selling in today's market. Michael Griego, a professional sales consultant and trainer to Fortune 500 firms and leading Silicon Valley technology firms, has reduced the keys to sales effectiveness to 42 rules. These rules have been road tested over 28 years of personal sales and management experience and close observation of many salespeople and sales organizations. These rules apply to all selling efforts, from high-tech enterprise sales to non-technology sales. Sales isn't rocket science, but it's not ABC simple either. While selling is often either over-engineered or over-simplified, today even the professionals are caught off-guard in a changing world and marketplace. "Old school" is out; new school is in, but with a twist. There are key sales fundamentals that never go out of style but still need a refresh. This book, 42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness (2nd Edition), upgrades and adjusts foundational rules for today's business environment to increase the overall sales effectiveness of individuals or teams. In '42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness (2nd Edition), ' you will learn: The Effective Sales Perspective The Effective Sales Process The effective Salesperson Effective Territory Management Effective Sales Communication The Effective Sales Meeting Effective Sales Closing This book will challenge standard conventions while reinforcing best practices that have gotten lost in the recent advancement of new technologies and modern tools. It's a great read for any professional to confirm that their own "salesmanship" is still on target and appropriately current. Use this as your own handbook to reset on key best-practices for the new day or teach a new generation 42 nuggets and practical applications of this fascinating activity called Sales."Article| Michael Griego| Statement ..."

"The 10 Best Questions for Recovering from a Heart Attack"

♥ Book Title : The 10 Best Questions for Recovering from a Heart Attack
♣ Name Author : Dede Bonner
∞ Launching : 2009-05-19
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781416560869
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1416560866
⊕ Number Pages : Total 320 sheet
♮ News id : xq56yPSNVc0C

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Drawing on cutting-edge research and advice from internationally prominent cardiologists, The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack is a holistic guide you'll take with you into your doctor's office and keep close to you through every step of your treatment and recovery. A good mind knows the right answers, but a great mind knows the right questions. And never are the Best Questions more important than after the life-altering event of surviving a heart attack or being diagnosed with heart disease. Drawing on cutting-edge research and advice from internationally prominent cardiologists, the president of the American Heart Association, award-winning personal trainers and nutritionists, and experts in healthy lifestyles, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, stress management, spirituality, relationships, sex, and financial planning, The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack is a holistic guide you'll take with you into your doctor's office and keep close to you through every step of your treatment and recovery. With a wealth of resources and up-to-the-minute information, The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack shows you and your family how to move beyond your fears and use the power of the Best Questions and Magic Questions (the smartest questions most people never think to ask) to become your own best advocate for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial health."Article| Dede Bonner| Statement ..."

"Shallow Graves"

♥ Book Title : Shallow Graves
♣ Name Author : Goat Carson
∞ Launching : 2013-02-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781456607258
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1456607251
⊕ Number Pages : Total 527 sheet
♮ News id : 13K9p64A46QC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Shallow Graves is written by rock veteran and Texas music prophet Goat Carson. This is a madcap horror dramedy with a flavor all its own. Hip, provocative, and wickedly playful, "Shallow Graves" follows a world-weary horror movie researcher as he stumbles into powerful secrets of the occult and profound mysteries of mankind...but just wants to stay alive. Clever, satirical, and thrilling, "Shallow Graves" has vivid fun with the idea that destiny and salvation can belong to the most reluctant and unlikely heroes. Set in Hollywood and the Hamptons during the dead end of the 70's, Shallow Graves is a satirical retelling of the Parsival Legend. Our Holy Fool is the Professor, a half-breed orphan, who does research for horror films. He finds himself pitted against a cabal of satanic cults all vying for control of the clans at the great Feast of the Beast. Movie Stars, human sacrifice, East Hampton society and the living dead are strung together by thread of coincidence with needle sharp wit. The occult pulp fictions of our times are turned on their heads (the Spear of Destiny was stolen by Houdini at the turn of the century; Magdalene was black.) This dark satire on Hollywood, The DaVinci Code and The State of the Nation is a must read for all true fans of the bizarre."Article| Goat Carson| Statement ..."

"Waiting for the Magic"

♥ Book Title : Waiting for the Magic
♣ Name Author : Patricia MacLachlan
∞ Launching : 2012-09-18
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781416927464
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1416927468
⊕ Number Pages : Total 143 sheet
♮ News id : fJSoAwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "When Papa goes away for a little while, his family tries to cope with the separation by adopting four dogs and a cat."Article| Patricia MacLachlan| Statement ..."

"The Chair Question"

♥ Book Title : The Chair Question
♣ Name Author : Ronnie Romance
∞ Launching : 2015-03-02
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1514657392
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781514657393
⊕ Number Pages : Total 106 sheet
♮ News id : tGQdswEACAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Three men develop an elaborate scheme to swindle a young woman out of her substantial trust fund. They are going to convince her that they have a chair made by Jesus Christ. Anyone with any sickness will be cured if they sit in the chair. The dead can even be brought back to life if they are placed in the chair. Most people who sit in the chair become world famous. The chair is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. They are willing to sell her part interest in the chair. Unknown to them the woman has her own agenda. This fast paced adventure moves thru Macon, Georgia, Apalachicola, Florida, Studio City, California, Nashville, Panama City Beach, and Israel. You can never guess what comes next. Fasten your seat belt."Article| Ronnie Romance| Statement ..."