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"The Crystal Cave"

♥ Book Title : The Crystal Cave
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart
∞ Launching : 2008-09-18
◊ Info ISBN Link : 143955093X
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781439550939
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : uVZOPwAACAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Born the bastard son of a Welsh princess, Myridden Emrys -- or as he would later be known, Merlin -- leads a perilous childhood, haunted by portents and visions. But destiny has great plans for this no-man's-son, taking him from prophesying before the High King Vortigern to the crowning of Uther Pendragon . . . and the conception of Arthur -- king for once and always."Article| Mary Stewart| Statement ..."

"The Wayfarers"

♥ Book Title : The Wayfarers
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart Cutting
∞ Launching : 2018-09-20
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9783734036491
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 3734036496
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : SidwDwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Reproduction of the original: The Wayfarers by Mary Stewart Cutting"Article| Mary Stewart Cutting| Statement ..."

"Yoga Over 50"

♥ Book Title : Yoga Over 50
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart, Sandra Lousada
∞ Launching : 1994-08-25
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780671885106
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0671885103
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : yP89Fwq1tN0C

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Briefly describes the history of yoga, demonstrates basic positions suitable for middle aged people, and suggests both beginning and advanced routines"Article| Mary Stewart, Sandra Lousada| Statement ..."

"Thunder on the Right"

♥ Book Title : Thunder on the Right
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart
∞ Launching : 2011-05-26
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781444711110
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1444711113
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : oBdDXc_Wc7sC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "'A comfortable chair and a Mary Stewart: total heaven. I'd rather read her than most other authors.' Harriet Evans High in the rugged Pyrenees lies the Valley of the Storms, where a tiny convent clings to the beautiful but lonely mountainside. Jenny Silver arrives seeking her missing cousin, and is devastated when she learns of Gillian's death following a terrible car accident. But Jenny's suspicions are aroused when she's told the blue flowers ornamenting her cousin's grave were Gillian's favourite. Jenny knows Gillian was colour-blind - and so starts her mission to uncover what really happened to her. The growl and roar of thunder rolled an re-echoed from the mountains and the sword of the lightning stabbed down, and stabbed again, as if searching through the depths of the cringing woods for whatever sheltered there."Article| Mary Stewart| Statement ..."

"Airs Above the Ground"

♥ Book Title : Airs Above the Ground
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart
∞ Launching : 2011-05-26
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781444720532
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1444720538
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : ozs5AgAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "'A comfortable chair and a Mary Stewart: total heaven. I'd rather read her than most other authors.' Harriet Evans Vanessa March's husband Lewis is meant to be on a business trip in Stockholm - so why does he briefly appear in newsreel footage of a fire at a circus in Vienna, with his arm around another woman? Vanessa flies to Austria to find her husband, inadvertently becoming involved in a mystery that spans three countries... and the famous dancing stallions of the Spanish Riding School. The moonlight flooded the meadow, blanching all colours to its own ghostly silver. The pines were very black. As the stallion rose in the last magnificent rear of the levande, the moonlight poured over him bleaching his hide so that for perhaps five or six seconds he was no longer an old broken-down piebald, but a haute école stallion of the oldest line in Europe."Article| Mary Stewart| Statement ..."

"Touch Not the Cat"

♥ Book Title : Touch Not the Cat
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart
∞ Launching : 2005-11-29
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780060823726
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0060823720
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : c5ZqvE5bgOIC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Bryony Ashley knows that her family's grand estate is both hell and paradise -- once elegant and beautiful, yet mired in debt and shrouded in shadow. Devastated by her father;s sudden strange death abroad, she is nonetheless relieved to learn the responsibility of running Ashley Court has fallen to a cousin. Still, her father's final, dire warning about a terrible family curse haunts her days and her dreams."Article| Mary Stewart| Statement ..."

"Launching the Imagination"

♥ Book Title : Launching the Imagination
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart
∞ Launching : 2014-02-28
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780077773489
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0077773489
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : yHxzCgAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Launching the Imagination treats design as both a verb and a noun—as both a process and a product. Design is deliberate—a process of exploring multiple solutions and choosing the most promising option. Through an immersion in 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D concepts, students are encouraged to develop methods of thinking visually that will serve them throughout their studies and careers."Article| Mary Stewart| Statement ..."

"A History of English Drama 1660-1900"

♥ Book Title : A History of English Drama 1660-1900
♣ Name Author : Allardyce Nicoll
∞ Launching : 2009-06-25
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0521109310
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780521109314
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : mgSZjOrtHZgC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Nicoll's History, which tells the story of English drama from the reopening of the theatres at the time of the Restoration right through to the end of the Victorian period, was viewed by Notes and Queries (1952) as 'a great work of exploration, a detailed guide to the untrodden acres of our dramatic history, hitherto largely ignored as barren and devoid of interest'."Article| Allardyce Nicoll| Statement ..."

"Nine Coaches Waiting"

♥ Book Title : Nine Coaches Waiting
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart
∞ Launching : 2011-05-26
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781444711127
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1444711121
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : rXA1AgAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "'A comfortable chair and a Mary Stewart: total heaven. I'd rather read her than most other authors.' Harriet Evans Linda Martin understands what is to be lonely: her parents died when she was young, and she was raised in an orphanage. When she is hired as a governess to the orphaned young Philippe, Comte de Valmy, Linda finds a kindred spirit in the lonely little boy. But Philippe is the heir to a vast estate in Savoy, and his dangerously handsome uncle may be willing to kill to ensure that Philippe never inherits it. Mary Stewart's wonderful novel of suspense and intrigue set in the idyllic countryside of Savoy. A classic tale by one of the world's most beloved authors."Article| Mary Stewart| Statement ..."

"The Chronology of American Literature"

♥ Book Title : The Chronology of American Literature
♣ Name Author : Daniel S. Burt
∞ Launching : 2004
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0618168214
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780618168217
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : VQ0fgo5v6e0C

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Ranging from the colonial era to the present day, this authoritative reference encompasses the full range of American literary developments as it spotlights major and popular works of fiction, nonfiction, plays, and poetry; biographical profiles of authors; literary journals; and other trends, themes, award winners, and more."Article| Daniel S. Burt| Statement ..."

"Les Écossais"

♥ Book Title : Les Écossais
♣ Name Author : Lucille H. Campey
∞ Launching : 2006-06-05
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781897045145
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 189704514X
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : a_8p69_GXKEC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "This is the first fully documented account, produced in modern times, of the migration of Scots to Lower Canada. Scots were in the forefront of the early influx of British settlers, which began in the late eighteenth century. John Nairne and Malcolm Fraser were two of the first Highlanders to make their mark on the province, arriving at La Malbaie soon after the Treaty of Paris in 1763. By the early 1800s many Scottish settlements had been formed along the north side of the Ottawa River, in the Chateauguay Valley to the southwest of Montreal, and in the Gaspe region. Then, as economic conditions in the Highlands and Islands deteriorated by the late 1820s, large numbers of Hebridean crofters settled in the Eastern Townships. The first group came from Arran and the later arrivals from Lewis. Les Ecossais were proud of their Scottish traditions and customs, those living reminders of the old country which had been left behind. In the end they became assimilated into Quebec's French-speaking society, but along the way they had a huge impact on the province's early development. How were les Ecossais regarded by their French neighbours? Were they successful pioneers? In her book, Lucille H. Campey assesses their impact as she unravels their story. Drawing from a wide range of fascinating sources, she considers the process of settlement and the harsh realities of life in the New World. She explains how Quebec province came to acquire its distinctive Scottish communities and offers new insights on their experiences and achievements."Article| Lucille H. Campey| Statement ..."

"Entering History: Poems"

♥ Book Title : Entering History: Poems
♣ Name Author : Mary Stewart Hammond
∞ Launching : 2016-10-11
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780393253979
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 039325397X
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : L9qaCwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Lyrical narratives that chronicle a long marriage, rich with wit, dark irony, and poignancy. In her long-awaited second volume, Mary Stewart Hammond chronicles a long marriage with sharp wit, dark irony, and poignancy. As James Merrill says of Hammond’s poems, they “brim with what the whole world knows.” Entering History opens on a middle-aged couple, modern-day travelers in an ancient setting. The collection follows their relationship through time and place, combining the personal and the historical in stories of the family—siblings, a daughter, and the very different marriage of the poet’s parents. The marriage poems share the intimacy, erotic playfulness, irritations, worries, and angers that are part of an enduring love and a long marriage. In “Portrait of My Husband Reading Henry James,” the poet paints her husband using syntax and language that evoke James’s. In “Venasque,” the wintry village, perched on the edge of a cliff, serves as a metaphor for the existential crisis facing the couple. “Lines composed at Beaufort, South Carolina, a few miles above Parris Island,” about the poet’s brother, moves back and forth between the Civil War and the preparations of troops for today’s wars. In “Jacob and Esau with Sister,” two brothers, in a transaction as old as oral history, highlight its consequences in the twenty-first century. “Anniversary” is a heartbreaking elegy for a third brother who kills himself. Hammond reaches into the past and present of the American family, closing Entering History where it began, with the couple in bed, now older, harkening back to the bed they shared when they were newlyweds. These powerful, beautifully crafted, lyrical narratives give depth to an examination of life—its joys, sorrows, laughter, and tragedies."Article| Mary Stewart Hammond| Statement ..."