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"Live Working or Die Fighting"

♥ Book Title : Live Working or Die Fighting
♣ Name Author : Paul Mason
∞ Launching : 2011-06-30
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781446444160
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1446444163
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
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☯ Full Synopsis : "Globalisation has created a whole new working class - and they are reliving stories that were first played out a century ago. In Live Working or Die Fighting, Paul Mason tells the story of this new working class alongside the epic history of the global labour movement, from its formation in the factories of the 1800s through its near destruction by fascism in the 1930s and up to today's anti-globalisation movement. Blending exhilarating historical narrative with reportage from today's front line, he links the lives of 19th-century factory girls with the lives of teenagers in a giant Chinese mobile phone factory; he tells the story of how mass trade unions were born in London's Docklands - and how they're being reinvented by the migrant cleaners in skyscrapers that stand on the very same spot. It is a story of urban slums, self-help co-operatives, choirs and brass bands, free love and self-education by candlelight. And, as the author shows, in the developing industrial economies of the world it is still with us. Live Working or Die Fighting celebrates a common history of defiance, idealism and self-sacrifice, one as alive and active today as it was two hundred years ago. It is a unique and inspirational book."Article| Paul Mason| Statement ..."

"Live Working Or Die Fighting"

♥ Book Title : Live Working Or Die Fighting
♣ Name Author :
∞ Launching : 2007
◊ Info ISBN Link : OCLC:964356843
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| | Statement ..."

"Autoworkers Under the Gun"

♥ Book Title : Autoworkers Under the Gun
♣ Name Author : Gregg Shotwell
∞ Launching : 2012-02-14
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781608461639
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1608461637
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : XUqntww3yggC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Workers' rights are not defined by law or contract. Workers' rights are defined by struggle. Gregg Shotwell’s Live Bait & Ammo newsletter chronicled the outrages and absurdities of corporate managers, exposed union leaders who acted in “partnership” with employers, and sounded the alarm about the devastating effects of auto industry job losses and union concessions. LB&A fliers grew legs of their own, distributed by rank-and-file workers in auto plants across the United States and cited by industry analysts. This collection spans a decade of autoworker resistance—and it’s a call to action for a new generation of workers coming of age in recession-wracked America."Article| Gregg Shotwell| Statement ..."

"Ours to Master and to Own"

♥ Book Title : Ours to Master and to Own
♣ Name Author : Dario Azzellini, Immanuel Ness
∞ Launching : 2011-07-05
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781608461707
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 160846170X
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : hKx3mXfWI6YC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "From the dawning of the industrial epoch, wage earners have organized themselves into unions, fought bitter strikes, and gone so far as to challenge the very premises of the system by creating institutions of democratic self-management aimed at controlling production without bosses. With specific examples drawn from every corner of the globe and every period of modern history, this pathbreaking volume comprehensively traces this often underappreciated historical tradition. Ripe with lessons drawn from historical and contemporary struggles for workers’ control, Ours to Master and to Own is essential reading for those struggling to create a new world from the ashes of the old. Immanuel Ness is professor of political science at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and edits WorkingUSA. Dario Azzellini is a writer, documentary director, and political scientist at Johannes Kepler University in Linz."Article| Dario Azzellini, Immanuel Ness| Statement ..."

"Fight Club"

♥ Book Title : Fight Club
♣ Name Author : Chuck Palahniuk
∞ Launching : 2002
◊ Info ISBN Link : 2070422402
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9782070422401
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : pS-pPwAACAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "" Laisse-moi te parler de Tyler. Tyler dit : les choses que tu possèdes finissent toujours par te posséder. C'est seulement après avoir tout perdu que tu es libre de faire ce dont tu as envie. Le fight club t'offre cette liberté. Première règle du fight club : Tu ne parles pas du fight club. Deuxième règle du fight club : Tu ne parles bas du fight club. Tyler dit que chercher à s'améliorer, c'est rien que de la branlette. Tyler dit que l'autodestruction est sans doute la réponse. " Métaphore acide et jubilatoire d'un monde au bord du chaos, perdu faute de révolution, Fight Club a été porté à l'écran en 1999 par David Fincher, le réalisateur de Seven et Alien 3. Le DVD du film est édité par Fox Pathé Europa."Article| Chuck Palahniuk| Statement ..."


♥ Book Title : Wonder
♣ Name Author : R.J. PALACIO
∞ Launching : 2013-01-10
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9782823801507
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 2823801502
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : LiNHFPlLIrIC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Ne jugez pas un livre sur sa couverture. Ne jugez pas un garçon sur son apparence. " Je m'appelle August. Je ne me décrirai pas. Quoi que vous imaginiez, c'est sans doute pire. " Né avec une malformation faciale, August, dix ans, n'est jamais allé à l'école. Aujourd'hui, pour la première fois, ses parents l'envoient au collège... Pourra-t-il convaincre les élèves qu'il est comme eux ? Dans la lignée du Bizarre incident du chien pendant la nuit, un petit bijou de sensibilité et de drôlerie. Un roman irrésistible sur le destin peu ordinaire d'August Pullman, un enfant différent. Traduit de l'anglais (États-Unis) par Juliette Lê"Article| R.J. PALACIO| Statement ..."

"Alternative Work Organizations"

♥ Book Title : Alternative Work Organizations
♣ Name Author : M. Atzeni
∞ Launching : 2012-09-18
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781137029041
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1137029048
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : _xKoH5296I8C

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Current and historical examples in the labour movement worldwide have helped to debunk the myth that workers cannot run production. This volume uses geographically and historically diverse examples to analyse the challenges and questions that alternative forms of work present to those involved."Article| M. Atzeni| Statement ..."

"Global Solidarity"

♥ Book Title : Global Solidarity
♣ Name Author : Lawrence Wilde
∞ Launching : 2013-01-31
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780748674565
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 074867456X
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : 7bJvAAAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Explores the potential of globalisation to provide the conditions for a harmonious global community. Lawrence Wilde introduces the concept of global solidarity and explains how it relates to nationalism, gender, religion and culture. Looking to the future, he explores the politics of global solidarity and the conditions required for its development.Solidarity has been a mobilising word since entering the political vocabulary in the mid-19th century, and conjures images of united action in pursuit of social justice. But is solidarity among strangers is a meaningful aspiration in our globalising age?"Article| Lawrence Wilde| Statement ..."

"Des Souris et des hommes"

♥ Book Title : Des Souris et des hommes
♣ Name Author : John Steinbeck
∞ Launching : 2012-07-05T00:00:00+02:00
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9782072474453
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 2072474450
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : GT1dFY2KmKgC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "'Les deux hommes levèrent les yeux car le rectangle de soleil de la porte s'était masqué. Debout, une jeune femme regardait dans la chambre. Elle avait de grosses lèvres enduites de rouge, et des yeux très écartés fortement maquillés. Ses ongles étaient rouges. Ses cheveux pendaient en grappes bouclées, comme des petites saucisses. Elle portait une robe de maison en coton, et des mules rouges, ornées de petits bouquets de plumes d'autruche rouges.'"Article| John Steinbeck| Statement ..."

"Industry and Politics in Rural France"

♥ Book Title : Industry and Politics in Rural France
♣ Name Author : Raymond Anthony Jonas
∞ Launching : 1994
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0801428149
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780801428142
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : nGFPPDB_d9IC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "French socialism in the nineteenth century was confined largely to its Parisian adherents, but the process of industrialization in rural France began to create opportunities for socialists to expand their movement after the fall of the Paris Commune in 1871. In this book Raymond A. Jonas offers a study of socialist success by focusing on one department in southeastern rural France, the Isere, where the silk industry converted peasants into workers and brought a thriving and dynamic local economy to towns, villages, and hamlets. Analyzing peasant society and public opinion through a close study of rural household formation and through systematic use of press reports and electoral returns, Jonas explores in detail the consequences of the development of rural industry for politics, work, population movement, public opinion, and gender relations. He argues that work in dozens of the new textile mills gave thousands of women a public profile in rural society that a patriarchal peasant society would not otherwise have afforded them. Men stayed on the farms, and women departed for the mills. Jonas shows how women's wages arrested the rural exodus because they subsidized peasant farming and gave women a powerful lever with which to reshape household relations and village society. At first their efforts were tentative - the weapons of the weak. But by the first decade of the twentieth century, they had learned how to influence public debate. Their presence "feminized" the public realm; the textile villages were the mirror images of such "masculinized" places as garrison towns and port cities - profoundly gendered places."Article| Raymond Anthony Jonas| Statement ..."


♥ Book Title : Outsiders
♣ Name Author : Susan Eloïse Hinton
∞ Launching : 2013-02-06
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9782253174356
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 2253174351
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : jH3eS8yXLpMC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "1966. Tucsa, Oklahoma. Deux bandes rivales, les Socs – la jeunesse dorée de la ville – et les Greasers – sortes de blousons noirs aux cheveux gominés –, se livrent une guerre sans merci. Ponyboy Curtis, quatorze ans, est un Greaser. Il traîne dans les rues avec ses copains qui, comme lui, sont des loubards. Mais le meurtre d’un Soc bouleverse brutalement sa vie insouciante, le mettant hors la loi. Au fil d’événements dramatiques, le jeune garçon va devenir adulte et faire l’apprentissage de l’amour et de la mort. Devenu un best-seller, Outsiders a été adapté au cinéma par Francis Ford Coppola, avec Matt Dillondans le rôle principal."Article| Susan Eloïse Hinton| Statement ..."

"Modern France"

♥ Book Title : Modern France
♣ Name Author : Arthur Augustus Tilley
∞ Launching : 1922
◊ Info ISBN Link :
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : 7c45AAAAIAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Arthur Augustus Tilley| Statement ..."