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♥ Book Title : Treblinka
♣ Name Author : Jean-Francois Steiner
∞ Launching : 1967
◊ Info ISBN Link :
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet
♮ News id : Xtjsb5DLXLsC

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Jean-Francois Steiner| Statement ..."

"A Holocaust Controversy"

♥ Book Title : A Holocaust Controversy
♣ Name Author : Samuel Moyn
∞ Launching : 2005
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1584655097
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781584655091
⊕ Number Pages : Total 220 sheet
♮ News id : c46Dr-ntolIC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "A provocative study of a French Holocaust controversy of the 1960s and the dynamics of postwar memory."Article| Samuel Moyn| Statement ..."

"Understanding Others"

♥ Book Title : Understanding Others
♣ Name Author : Dominick LaCapra
∞ Launching : 2018-09-15
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781501724909
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1501724908
⊕ Number Pages : Total 204 sheet
♮ News id : ld1dDwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "To what extent do we and can we understand others—other peoples, species, times, and places? What is the role of others within ourselves, epitomized in the notion of unconscious forces? Can we come to terms with our internalized others in ways that foster mutual understanding and counteract the tendency to scapegoat, project, victimize, and indulge in prejudicial and narcissistic impulses? How do various fields or disciplines address or avoid such questions? And have these questions become particularly pressing and not in the least confined to other peoples, times, and places? Making selective and critical use of the thought of such important figures as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Derrida, and Mikhail Bakhtin, in Understanding Others Dominick LaCapra investigates a series of crucial topics from the current state of deconstruction, trauma studies, and the humanities to newer fields such as animal studies and posthumanist scholarship. LaCapra adroitly brings critical historical thought into a provocative engagement with politics and our current political climate. This is LaCapra at his best, critically rethinking major currents and exploring the old and the new in combination, often suggesting what this means in the age of Trump."Article| Dominick LaCapra| Statement ..."

"The National Union Catalogs, 1963-"

♥ Book Title : The National Union Catalogs, 1963-
♣ Name Author : no defined
∞ Launching : 1964
◊ Info ISBN Link : UCSC:32106021030280
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet
♮ News id : A_88AQAAIAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| no defined| Statement ..."

"National Union Catalog"

♥ Book Title : National Union Catalog
♣ Name Author : no defined
∞ Launching : 1973
◊ Info ISBN Link : WISC:89015292477
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet
♮ News id : Je3iit2xvrIC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Includes entries for maps and atlases."Article| no defined| Statement ..."

"After the Deluge"

♥ Book Title : After the Deluge
♣ Name Author : Julian Bourg
∞ Launching : 2004-11-17
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780739151808
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0739151800
⊕ Number Pages : Total 434 sheet
♮ News id : WTU2AAAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Motivated by a desire to narrate and contextualize the deluge of 'French theory,' After the Deluege showcases recent work by today's brightest scholars of French intellectual history that historicizes key debates, figures, and turning points in the postwar era of French thought."Article| Julian Bourg| Statement ..."

"Children of the Covenant"

♥ Book Title : Children of the Covenant
♣ Name Author : Marshall D. Isaacson
∞ Launching : 1998-01-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0882906275
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780882906270
⊕ Number Pages : Total 144 sheet
♮ News id : _w3GEBIcfekC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Daniel, a youth of royal lineage, was carried into Babylonia about 606 B.C., along with several other Jewish children selected to serve in the Babylonian court. the Book of Daniel is the account of his unique ministry as he served as a prophet while a prisoner in a foreign land. He was a contemporary of the prophet Ezekiel, though Ezekiel ministered to the common people of the Jewish captives while Daniel ministered to royalty. the Book of Daniel presents numerous interpretational challenges, all of which are addressed in detail in this useful book. They include the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the coming of the kingdom of God, his vision of the four bests and the Council at Adam-ondi-Ahman, his vision of the ram and the he-goat, his vision of the seventy weeks and the coming of Christ, his extensive vision of what will befall the house of Israel in the last days, and his final vision of universal conflict and other end-time events. Also covered are the accounts of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego as they escaped the fiery furnace; Nebuchadnezzar's insanity and recovery; Belshazzar's Feast and the fall of Babylon; Daniel in the lion's den; and the coming of Cyrus the Persian as the kingdom of Babylonia was conquered by the Medes and Persians. to understand Daniel, you have to know ancient and modern history. You should know LDS doctrine, and you need to have an intimate knowledge of last-days events. This book provides all that essential information with clarity, precision and economy of language. It's an excellent tool for understanding God's revealed word!"Article| Marshall D. Isaacson| Statement ..."

"Trap with a Green Fence"

♥ Book Title : Trap with a Green Fence
♣ Name Author : Richard Glazar
∞ Launching : 1995-06-21
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780810111691
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0810111691
⊕ Number Pages : Total 196 sheet
♮ News id : gZtdNVrwuKMC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Trap with a Green Fence is Richard Glazar's memoir of deportation, escape, and survival. In economical prose, Glazar weaves a description of Treblinka and its operations into his evocation of himself and his fellow prisoners as denizens of an underworld. Glazar gives us compelling images of these horrors in a tone that remains thoughtful but sober, affecting but simple."Article| Richard Glazar| Statement ..."

"Holocaust Literature"

♥ Book Title : Holocaust Literature
♣ Name Author : David G. Roskies
∞ Launching : 2012
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781611683592
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1611683599
⊕ Number Pages : Total 355 sheet
♮ News id : EEbAEidIwYEC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "A comprehensive assessment of Holocaust literature, from World War II to the present day"Article| David G. Roskies| Statement ..."

"Getting Through"

♥ Book Title : Getting Through
♣ Name Author : Robert N. Taylor
∞ Launching : 2013-11-27
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781493113651
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1493113658
⊕ Number Pages : Total 331 sheet
♮ News id : fqqDAgAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Getting Through is the story of an ordinary, undistinguished, retired aeronautical engineer who recounts his experiences from late childhood through an idyllic adolescence, a mediocre public school education, a thwarted flying career, a bitching time in the Air Force, a second-tier now defunct engineering college, a marriage that went bad, and a career of underlying discontent with a few failures and some successes. Included are his fathers life recollections and the authors thoughts on philosophy, religion, nature and nurture, warfare, and the meaning of lifeending with accumulations of lifes journeythings done, places been, best books read, and the distance traveled on planet Earth. Getting Through, replete with wit, wisdom, and ignorance, tells us that no life is ever ordinary and that everyones story is worth telling."Article| Robert N. Taylor| Statement ..."

"Saturday Review"

♥ Book Title : Saturday Review
♣ Name Author : no defined
∞ Launching : 1967
◊ Info ISBN Link : UVA:X000021902
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| no defined| Statement ..."

"Reference guide to holocaust literature"

♥ Book Title : Reference guide to holocaust literature
♣ Name Author : Thomas Riggs
∞ Launching : 2002-05-08
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1558624678
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781558624672
⊕ Number Pages : Total 714 sheet
♮ News id : Va8UAQAAIAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Provides biographical and critical essays on 223 writers connected to or concerned with the Holocaust, as well as separate essays on 307 of their works."Article| Thomas Riggs| Statement ..."