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"Explorers of the Dawn"

♥ Book Title : Explorers of the Dawn
♣ Name Author : Mazo De la Roche
∞ Launching : 1922
◊ Info ISBN Link : STANFORD:36105124452603
⊗ Detail ISBN code :
⊕ Number Pages : Total 292 sheet
♮ News id : GJ4TAAAAIAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Mazo De la Roche| Statement ..."

"The Dawn of Indian Music in the West"

♥ Book Title : The Dawn of Indian Music in the West
♣ Name Author : Peter Lavezzoli
∞ Launching : 2006-04-24
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0826418155
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780826418159
⊕ Number Pages : Total 456 sheet
♮ News id : OSZKCXtx-wEC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Peter Lavezzoli, Buddhist and musician, has a rare ability to articulate the personal feeling of music, and simultaneously narrate a history. In his discussion on Indian music theory, he demystifies musical structures, foreign instruments, terminology, an"Article| Peter Lavezzoli| Statement ..."

"The Dawn Angiosperms"

♥ Book Title : The Dawn Angiosperms
♣ Name Author : Xin Wang
∞ Launching : 2010-09-03
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9783642011603
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 3642011608
⊕ Number Pages : Total 238 sheet
♮ News id : ADuToINdSQQC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Angiosperms are the most diversi ed plant group in the world, being represented by ca 300,000 species in about 400 families. Like all of Life, including ourselves, they have had their own history and gone through many evolutionary stages before they arrived at their current forms. The origin of Angiospermae ( owering plants) has been the subject of much dispute because this is a key event in the history of life, and has a far-reaching in uence on our understanding of relationships among seed plants as a whole as well as within the angiosperms. Until recently most of palae- otanists recognized angiosperms only from the Cretaceous and younger strata. This contradicts the results of molecular analyses. I have been working on Mesozoic fossil plants for the past two decades, during which time I have studied a number of fossil plants. Some of these fossil plants have been published as Jurassic angiosperms, and, unsurprisingly, many questions and doubts have been raised about them. These questions need to be addressed se- ously and journal papers do not provide suf cient space to compare and relate these early angiosperms. In this book these pioneer angiosperms are documented in detail, sometimes with new specimens not studied before. Also, I propose a de nition of angiosperms that could be adopted in palaeobotany. My aim is to improve clarity and objectivity of judgment about what constitutes a fossil angiosperm."Article| Xin Wang| Statement ..."

"The Magicians of the Golden Dawn"

♥ Book Title : The Magicians of the Golden Dawn
♣ Name Author : Ellic Howe
∞ Launching : 1985
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0850304261
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780850304268
⊕ Number Pages : Total 306 sheet
♮ News id : mLoEwYOu6SgC

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Ellic Howe| Statement ..."


♥ Book Title : Dawn
♣ Name Author : V.C. Andrews
∞ Launching : 2009-12-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781439187777
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1439187770
⊕ Number Pages : Total 416 sheet
♮ News id : pNXvTWYPsisC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "In her fine new Virginia school, Dawn Longchamp feels happy and safe. But nothing is what it seems... Now Dawn and her older brother Jimmy have a chance for a decent, respectable life, and Dawn's secret, precious hope to study singing can come true. Philip Cutler, the handsomest boy in school, sets Dawn's heart on fire. She is deeply devoted to her brooding brother; but with Philip, she imagines a lovely dream of romance... Then Dawn's mother suddenly dies, and her entire world begins to crumble. After a terrible new shock, she is thrust into a different family and an evil web of unspoken sins. Her sweet innocence lost, humiliated and scorned, Dawn is desperate to find Jimmy again and...strip away the wicked lies that will change all their lives forever!"Article| V.C. Andrews| Statement ..."

"False Dawn"

♥ Book Title : False Dawn
♣ Name Author : Lee Penn
∞ Launching : 2004
◊ Info ISBN Link : 159731000X
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781597310000
⊕ Number Pages : Total 490 sheet
♮ News id : MXvBs2PqkUcC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "The interfaith movement, which began with the 1893 World¿s Parliament of Religions in Chicago, has grown worldwide. Although this movement has been largely unknown to the public, it now provides a spiritual face for globalization, the economic and political forces leading us all from nationalism to ¿One World¿. The most ambitious organization in today¿s interfaith movement is the United Religions Initiative (URI), founded by William Swing, the Episcopal Bishop of California. Investigative reporter Lee Penn, a Catholic ex-Marxist, exhaustively documents the history and beliefs of the URI and its New Age and globalist allies, the vested interests that support these movements, and the direction they appear to be taking. The interfaith movement is no longer merely the province of a coterie of little-heeded religious idealists with grandiose visions. The URI¿s proponents have ranged from billionaire George Soros to President George W. Bush, from the far-right Rev. Sun Myung Moon to the liberal Catholic theologian Hans Küng, and from the Dalai Lama to the leaders of government-approved Protestant churches in the People¿s Republic of China. The interfaith movement, including the URI, is being promoted by globalist and New Age reformers who favor erosion of national sovereignty, marginalization of traditional religions, establishment of ¿global governance¿, and creation of a new, Earth-based ¿global spirituality¿¿in effect, a one-world religion. Therefore, the URI and the interfaith movement are poised to become the spiritual foundation of the New World Order: the ¿new civilization¿ now proposed by Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union. In The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, French metaphysician René Guénon spoke of the ¿anti-tradition¿ (the forces of materialism and secular humanism) finally giving way to the ¿counter-tradition¿ (the satanic inversion of true spirituality), leading to the regime of Antichrist. The ¿anti-tradition¿ weakens and dissolves traditional spiritualities, after which the ¿counter-tradition¿ sets up a counterfeit in their place. Since Guénon¿s time, as is well known, anti-traditional forces have greatly advanced worldwide. It is less well-known that counter-traditional movements have also made great strides, and now stand closer to the centers of global political and religious power than ever before. The ¿counter-tradition¿ is making inroads on the political and cultural Right, as much as it is doing on the Left. False Dawn painstakingly documents these trends, and speculates on their future development. In so doing, the author takes investigative reporting to the threshold of prophecy, and gives us a stunningly plausible picture of the global religious landscape of the 21st century. This extraordinary project is the literary equivalent of turning over a flat rock. There is much to be seen and learned here¿all of it unsettling, disquieting, occasionally downright scary. ¿William Murchison, Radford Distinguished Professor, Baylor University When a bishop of a Christian church happily worships alongside a Wiccan invoking other gods, something has gone horribly wrong. In False Dawn, Lee Penn has produced a comprehensive and critical history of the United Religions Initiative. This book sounds a clear warning: Anyone who makes theological truth subservient to utopianism denigrates all religions. ¿Douglas LeBlanc, Editor, GetReligion.org"Article| Lee Penn| Statement ..."

"The Essential Golden Dawn"

♥ Book Title : The Essential Golden Dawn
♣ Name Author : Chic Cicero
∞ Launching : 2003
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0738703109
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780738703107
⊕ Number Pages : Total 336 sheet
♮ News id : WVoWXSd9owIC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "For those who want to find out about what the Golden Dawn is and what it has to offer, this book answers questions about its philosophy, principles, and history."Article| Chic Cicero| Statement ..."

"Dusk of Dawn"

♥ Book Title : Dusk of Dawn
♣ Name Author : William Edward Burghardt Du Bois
∞ Launching : 2014
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780199386710
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0199386714
⊕ Number Pages : Total 183 sheet
♮ News id : kKMVDAAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "W. E. B. Du Bois was a public intellectual, sociologist, and activist on behalf of the African American community. He profoundly shaped black political culture in the United States through his founding role in the NAACP, as well as internationally through the Pan-African movement. Du Bois's sociological and historical research on African-American communities and culture broke ground in many areas, including the history of the post-Civil War Reconstruction period. Du Bois was also a prolific author of novels, autobiographical accounts, innumerable editorials and journalistic pieces, and several works of history. Dusk of Dawn, published in 1940, is an explosive autobiography of the foremost African American scholar of his time. Du Bois writes movingly of his own life, using personal experience to elucidate the systemic problem of race. He reflects on his childhood, his education, and his intellectual life, including the formation of the NAACP. Though his views eventually got him expelled from the association, Du Bois continues to develop his thoughts on separate black economic and social institutions in Dusk of Dawn. Readers will find energetic essays within these pages, including insight into his developing Pan-African consciousness. With a series introduction by editor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and an introduction by Kwame Anthony Appiah, this edition is essential for anyone interested in African American history."Article| William Edward Burghardt Du Bois| Statement ..."

"Sing to the Dawn"

♥ Book Title : Sing to the Dawn
♣ Name Author : Minfong Ho
∞ Launching : 2005
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9812610014
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9789812610010
⊕ Number Pages : Total 125 sheet
♮ News id : _pphk3Yk4SoC

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Minfong Ho| Statement ..."

"The Golden Dawn"

♥ Book Title : The Golden Dawn
♣ Name Author : Israel Regardie
∞ Launching : 1989
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0875426638
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780875426631
⊕ Number Pages : Total 807 sheet
♮ News id : kXLAfCBj4boC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Provides an overview of the knowledge and practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; describes rituals of the Outer and Inner Orders; and discusses techniques of magical practice, clairvoyance, talismans, and other topics."Article| Israel Regardie| Statement ..."


♥ Book Title : Dawn
♣ Name Author : Theodore Dreiser
∞ Launching : 1998
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1574230735
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781574230734
⊕ Number Pages : Total 616 sheet
♮ News id : pUwe1YLA8gMC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "An autobiography by the noted American novelist covers Dreiser's life up to his departure for St. Louis to work as a reporter for the Globe-Democrat."Article| Theodore Dreiser| Statement ..."

"Luther and the Dawn of the Modern Era"

♥ Book Title : Luther and the Dawn of the Modern Era
♣ Name Author : Heiko Augustinus Oberman
∞ Launching : 1974-01-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9004039473
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9789004039476
⊕ Number Pages : Total 219 sheet
♮ News id : IZc3AAAAIAAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : ""Article| Heiko Augustinus Oberman| Statement ..."