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"Art and Experience in Classical Greece"

♥ Book Title : Art and Experience in Classical Greece
♣ Name Author : Jerome Jordan Pollitt
∞ Launching : 1972-03-10
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0521096626
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780521096621
⊕ Number Pages : Total 205 sheet
♮ News id : CadI9xzUaZwC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "The development of Greek sculpture, architecture, and painting during the Classical period is examined within a social and cultural context"Article| Jerome Jordan Pollitt| Statement ..."

"The Art and Culture of Early Greece, 1100-480 B.C."

♥ Book Title : The Art and Culture of Early Greece, 1100-480 B.C.
♣ Name Author : Jeffrey M. Hurwit
∞ Launching : 1987
◊ Info ISBN Link : 080149401X
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780801494017
⊕ Number Pages : Total 367 sheet
♮ News id : Ofxx9UQJPZwC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "A history of the early development of the Greek civilization includes discussions of poetry, sculpture, democracy and vase painting"Article| Jeffrey M. Hurwit| Statement ..."

"An Introduction to Greek Art"

♥ Book Title : An Introduction to Greek Art
♣ Name Author : Susan Woodford
∞ Launching : 1988
◊ Info ISBN Link : 080149480X
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780801494802
⊕ Number Pages : Total 186 sheet
♮ News id : zEQ37GCPE5sC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Shows and discusses Greek sculpture produced between the eighth and fourth centuries B.C., looks at the development of Greek art, and describes various types of vases and their decoration"Article| Susan Woodford| Statement ..."

"The Art of Ancient Greece"

♥ Book Title : The Art of Ancient Greece
♣ Name Author : J. J. Pollitt
∞ Launching : 1990
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0521273668
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780521273664
⊕ Number Pages : Total 298 sheet
♮ News id : XoCNQwkNsLAC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "This book is a companion volume to Professor Pollitt's The Art of Rome: Sources and Documents (CUP, 1983). An authoritative and reliable sourcebook, The Art of Ancient Greece contains a comprehensive collection in translation of ancient literary evidence relating to Greek sculpture, painting, architecture, and the decorative arts. The material is presented in a way which makes this important evidence available to students who are not specialists in the Classical languages or Classical archaeology. Accompanying the author's translations of a wide selection of Greek and Latin texts is an accessible, substantial bibliography, as well as an introduction, and explanatory commentary."Article| J. J. Pollitt| Statement ..."

"Architecture and Meaning on the Athenian Acropolis"

♥ Book Title : Architecture and Meaning on the Athenian Acropolis
♣ Name Author : Robin Francis Rhodes
∞ Launching : 1995-06-30
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0521469813
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780521469814
⊕ Number Pages : Total 218 sheet
♮ News id : EXwSypNDFlUC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Examines the several buildings making up the Acropolis as a group, or narrative."Article| Robin Francis Rhodes| Statement ..."


♥ Book Title : Hoplites
♣ Name Author : Victor Davis Hanson
∞ Launching : 2002-11-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781134961900
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1134961901
⊕ Number Pages : Total 304 sheet
♮ News id : z2WIAgAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Incorporating research found in ancient literary, iconographic, epigraphic, and archaeological sources, this book explores the experiences of the soldiers who conducted battle on the small plains of ancient Greece. The volume, which draws on the accumulated expertise of nine American and British scholars, emphasizes the actual techniques of fighting and practical concerns as the use of commands, music in warfare, the use of "dog-tags", and ritual on the battlefield."Article| Victor Davis Hanson| Statement ..."

"Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece"

♥ Book Title : Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece
♣ Name Author : Kristen Seaman
∞ Launching : 2017-06-30
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781107074460
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1107074460
⊕ Number Pages : Total 278 sheet
♮ News id : sJokDwAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Greek artists and architects were important social agents who played significant roles in the social, cultural, and economic life of the ancient Greek world. In Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece, art historians, archaeologists, and historians explore the roles and impacts of artists and craftsmen in ancient Greek society. The contributing authors draw upon artistic, architectural, literary, epigraphical, and historical evidence to discuss a range of artists, architects, artistic media, and regions. They refer to historiography and modern theory, taking stock of the past while offering some new directions for future research. Incorporating a variety of methodological approaches and making use of often-neglected evidence, Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece re-examines many long-held ideas and provides a deeper understanding of particular artists and architects, their works, and their social agency."Article| Kristen Seaman| Statement ..."

"Myth Into Art"

♥ Book Title : Myth Into Art
♣ Name Author : H. A. Shapiro
∞ Launching : 2002-11-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781134916900
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1134916906
⊕ Number Pages : Total 224 sheet
♮ News id : ndyIAgAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Myth into Art is a comparative study of mythological narrative in Greek poetry and the visual arts. Thirty of the major myths are surveyed, focusing on Homer, lyric poetry and Attic tragedy. On the artistic side, the emphasis is on Athenian and South Italian vases. The book offers undergraduate students an introduction both to mythology and to the use of visual sources in the study of Greek myth."Article| H. A. Shapiro| Statement ..."

"Art of the Western World"

♥ Book Title : Art of the Western World
♣ Name Author : Bruce Cole
∞ Launching : 1991-12-15
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780671747282
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0671747282
⊕ Number Pages : Total 368 sheet
♮ News id : wm87Lkh1cOEC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Traces the history of Western art from its classical roots up to the present day, and integrates the works of each period with the history, values, and ideals that gave birth to them"Article| Bruce Cole| Statement ..."

"Architecture of the Sacred"

♥ Book Title : Architecture of the Sacred
♣ Name Author : Bonna D. Wescoat
∞ Launching : 2012-02-27
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781107008236
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1107008239
⊕ Number Pages : Total 385 sheet
♮ News id : gS3il51BdREC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Investigates the role of architecture in the construction of sacred experience in ancient Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian and Byzantine cultures."Article| Bonna D. Wescoat| Statement ..."

"A Shorter History of Greek Art"

♥ Book Title : A Shorter History of Greek Art
♣ Name Author : Martin Robertson
∞ Launching : 1981-07-16
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0521280842
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780521280846
⊕ Number Pages : Total 240 sheet
♮ News id : BoUsvD1_VNQC

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☯ Full Synopsis : "Outlines developments in the art of ancient Greece and shows examples of bronze and marble statuary, painted vases, and reliefs"Article| Martin Robertson| Statement ..."

"The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece"

♥ Book Title : The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece
♣ Name Author : Judith M. Barringer
∞ Launching : 2015-02-09
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781139991742
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1139991744
⊕ Number Pages : Total 233 sheet
♮ News id : cuaVBQAAQBAJ

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☯ Full Synopsis : "This richly illustrated, four-colour textbook introduces the art and archaeology of ancient Greece, from the Bronze Age through to the Roman conquest. Suitable for students with no prior knowledge of ancient art, this textbook reviews the main objects and monuments of the ancient Greek world, emphasizing the context and function of these artefacts in their particular place and time. Students are led to a rich understanding of how objects were meant to be perceived, what 'messages' they transmitted and how the surrounding environment shaped their meaning. The book contains nearly five hundred illustrations (with over four hundred in colour), including specially commissioned photographs, maps, floorplans and reconstructions. Judith M. Barringer examines a variety of media, including marble and bronze sculpture, public and domestic architecture, painted vases, coins, mosaics, terracotta figurines, reliefs, jewellery and wall paintings. Numerous text boxes, chapter summaries and timelines, complemented by a detailed glossary, support student learning."Article| Judith M. Barringer| Statement ..."