"Warrior's Song"

♥ Book Title : Warrior's Song
♣ Name Author : Catherine Coulter
∞ Launching : 2001-03-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1101209224
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781101209226
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"A medieval melody begins in the prequel to the Song series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. Chandra de Avenell might look like a golden princess, but she fights like a warrior, dreams a warrior’s dreams, wears a warrior’s pride like a suit of armor. She wants to be strong, independent and free. She has no use at all for a husband. Enter the man her father has selected for her. Jerval de Vernon takes one look at Chandra, and he wants her. After he saves her from a very bad situation, he sets himself to wooing her, not an easy task. Now Jerval must figure out how to coerce Chandra into giving him her loyalty and trust—and maybe even her love. But his new wife has no intention of giving in easily... Originally published as Chandra. From the Paperback edition. "Scripts of | Penguin | Argument ..."


♥ Book Title : Chandra
♣ Name Author : Catherine Coulter
∞ Launching : 1985-12-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0451158814
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780451158819
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"Dear Reader:Chandra de Avenell looked like a golden princess, but she fought like a warrior, dreamed warrior's dreams of conquest and glory. She wanted no man to rule her. She wanted to remain what her father had trained her to be-strong, self-reliant, free.Jerval de Vernon was the handsome young knight who wanted her and only her for his wife. He believed he could tame her, believed he could call forth the softness of the woman behind the warrior-even if it meant forcing her into a marraige she did not want.When Chandra and Jerval journey to the Holy Land to war against the Saracens, would she learn, as Jerval wished her to, that there are many kinds of strength? Would she let him teach her that giving of herself and sharing pains as well as joy with him was more precious than her warrior's unbending pride?Chandra introduced Graelam de Moreton, of Fire Song, which was then followed by Earth Song and Secret Song. I hope you enjoy all of the medieval novels as much as I enjoyed writing them. "Scripts of | Onyx | Argument ..."


♥ Book Title : Alanna
♣ Name Author : Tamora Pierce
∞ Launching : 2009-12-08
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781439120293
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 1439120293
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
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"From Tamora Pierce, the first book in the Song of the Lioness Quartet, honored with the Margaret A. Edwards Award. “From now on I’m Alan of Trebond, the younger twin. I’ll be a knight.” And so young Alanna of Trebond begins the journey to knighthood. Alanna has always craved the adventure and daring allowed only for boys; her twin brother, Thom, yearns to learn the art of magic. So one day they decide to switch places: Disguised as a girl, Thom heads for the convent; Alanna, pretending to be a boy, is on her way to the castle of King Roald to begin her training as a page. But the road to knighthood is not an easy one. As Alanna masters the skills necessary for battle, she must also learn to control her heart and to discern her enemies from her allies. Filled with swords and sorcery, adventure and intrigue, good and evil, Alanna’s first adventure begins—one that will lead to the fulfillment of her dreams and make her a legend in the land. "Scripts of | Simon and Schuster | Argument ..."

"Earth Song"

♥ Book Title : Earth Song
♣ Name Author : Catherine Coulter
∞ Launching : 1990
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0451402065
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780451402066
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"Philippa de Beauchamp, as impulsive as she is beautiful, flees her father's castle when she hears she's to be wed to the repellant Baron de Bridgport. Her daring escape becomes a misadventure, however, when she winds up in the arms of the roguish Diewald de Fortenberry. "Scripts of | Onyx Books | Argument ..."

"War Songs"

♥ Book Title : War Songs
♣ Name Author : 'Antarah ibn Shaddad
∞ Launching : 2018-10-09
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9781479829651
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 147982965X
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : xQ1XDwAAQBAJ

" "Scripts of | NYU Press | Argument ..."

"Sword Song (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 4)"

♥ Book Title : Sword Song (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 4)
♣ Name Author : Bernard Cornwell
∞ Launching : 2010-12-09
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780007279654
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0007279655
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : -_MQIjOAPUYC

"BBC2’s major TV series THE LAST KINGDOM is based on Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling novels on the making of England and the fate of his great hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg. SWORD SONG is the fourth book in the series. Season 2 of the epic TV series premiers this March. "Scripts of | HarperCollins UK | Argument ..."

"Fire Song"

♥ Book Title : Fire Song
♣ Name Author : Catherine Coulter
∞ Launching : 1985
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0451402383
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780451402387
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : EUnJJQJGVTMC

"Originally published in 1985, this is the first novel in Catherine Coulter's stunning Song series: Fire Song, Earth Song, and Secret Song-and the prequel Warrior's Song. In Medieval Cornwall, Kassia de Lorris of Brittany cheats death only to find herself wedded to a stranger-the ruthless warrior Lord Graelam de Moreton. "Scripts of | Onyx Books | Argument ..."

"Song In The Silence"

♥ Book Title : Song In The Silence
♣ Name Author : Elizabeth Kerner
∞ Launching : 2003-03-14
◊ Info ISBN Link : 0312871341
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780312871345
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : kEpea_lOmYcC

"Lanen Kaelar has dreamed of dragons all her life. But not just dreaming, for Lanen believes in dragons. Her family mocks her that dragons are just a silly myth. A legend. But Lanen knows better. And she means to prove it. One day she sets out on a dangerous voyage to the remote West to find the land of the True Dragons. What she discovers is a land of real dragons more beautiful—and surprising—than any dream she could have imagined. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. "Scripts of | Tor Books | Argument ..."

"Warriors 2"

♥ Book Title : Warriors 2
♣ Name Author : George R. R. Martin
∞ Launching : 2016-01-26
◊ Info ISBN Link : 9780765391100
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 0765391104
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : cQMmCwAAQBAJ

"From George R. R. Martin's Introduction to Warriors: "People have been telling stories about warriors for as long as they have been telling stories. Since Homer first sang the wrath of Achilles and the ancient Sumerians set down their tales of Gilgamesh, warriors, soldiers, and fighters have fascinated us; they are a part of every culture, every literary tradition, every genre. All Quiet on the Western Front, From Here to Eternity, and The Red Badge of Courage have become part of our literary canon, taught in classrooms all around the country and the world. Our contributors make up an all-star lineup of award-winning and bestselling writers, representing a dozen different publishers and as many genres. We asked each of them for the same thing—a story about a warrior. Some chose to write in the genre they're best known for. Some decided to try something different. You will find warriors of every shape, size, and color in these pages, warriors from every epoch of human history, from yesterday and today and tomorrow, and from worlds that never were. Some of the stories will make you sad, some will make you laugh, and many will keep you on the edge of your seat." The stories in the second mass market volume of this book are: Introduction: Stories of the Spinner Rack, by George R. R. Martin Seven Years from Home, by Naomi Novik Dirae, by Peter S. Beagle Ancient Ways, by S. M. Stirling The Scroll, by David Ball Recidivist, by Gardner Dozois Ninieslando, by Howard Waldrop Out of the Dark, by David Weber Many of these writers are bestsellers. All of them are storytellers of the highest quality. Together they make a volume of unforgettable reading. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. "Scripts of | Tor Fantasy | Argument ..."


♥ Book Title : Rosehaven
♣ Name Author : Doubleday and Company
∞ Launching : 1996-08-01
◊ Info ISBN Link : 1568652038
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9781568652030
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet

"A thirteenth-century nobleman who returns from the Holy Land to England enters an ill-starred marriage by arrangement, whose only benefit is title to the mysterious property called Rosehaven. "Scripts of | GuildAmerica Books | Argument ..."


♥ Book Title : Rosehaven
♣ Name Author : Catherine Coulter
∞ Launching : 1996
◊ Info ISBN Link : 039914143X
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9780399141430
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : m3_jkzkSKqkC

"A thirteenth-century nobleman who returns from the Holy Land to England enters an ill-starred marriage by arrangement, whose only benefit is title to a mysterious property called Rosehaven "Scripts of | Putnam Adult | Argument ..."

"La Chanson De Roland/ the Song of Roland"

♥ Book Title : La Chanson De Roland/ the Song of Roland
♣ Name Author : Joseph J. Duggan
∞ Launching : 2006-02
◊ Info ISBN Link : 2503518273
⊗ Detail ISBN code : 9782503518275
⊕ Number Pages : Total sheet
♮ News id : igmFRAAACAAJ

"This edition brings together for the first time all the French texts of the Song of Roland, edited according to the highest scholarly standards. No reliable complete edition of the various versions of the French corpus of this poem, the most important of the chansons de geste and a recognized masterpiece of world epic, has been available until now. Seven specialists in medieval French literature have collaborated on this edition: Ian Short, Birkbeck College, University of London, for the Oxford version Robert F. Cook, University of Virginia, for the Venice 4 version Joseph J. Duggan, University of California, Berkeley, for the Chateauroux-Venice 7 version Annalee C. Rejhon, University of California, Berkeley, for the Paris version Wolfgang van Emden, University of Reading, for the Cambridge version William W. Kibler, University of Texas, Austin, for the Lyon version and the fragments Karen Akiyama, University of California, Berkeley, for the concordance of laisses Two of the texts, Oxford (3,995 ll., in a manuscript from the second quarter of the 12th century) and Venice 4 (6,011 ll., 14th-century MS), follow the tradition in assonance. The other five substantial texts, plus three fragments, are in rhyme: Chateauroux and Venice 7 (8,203 and 8,333 ll. respectively, both end of the 13th century), Paris (6,828 ll., acephalic, third quarter of the 13th century), Cambridge (5,695 ll., acephalic, first half of the 15th century), Lyon (2,932 ll., acephalic, late 13th or early 14th century), and the Lavergne, Bogdanow, and Michelant fragments (108, 160, and 352 ll. respectively, all late 13th century). The General Editor, Joseph J. Duggan, wrote the general introduction, a history of the successive editions of the Song of Roland. Karen Akiyama's concordance of laisses allows the reader easily to compare the versions. A complete list of works cited in the edition of the corpus is provided. Each edition is based on a new transcription made directly from the manuscript. The editorial method corresponds to the nature of each text. An introduction that treats questions of codicology, philology, and method introduces each text, and each is provided with a critical apparatus of rejected readings and paleographic notes, explanatory notes, an index of proper names, and a glossary of words and forms that are not found in the standard desk dictionaries of Old French. Ian Short presents the Oxford version, which has been edited 26 times since its rediscovery in 1833. Short follows an innovative and interventionist editorial technique, taking advantage of Oxford's formulaic language and correcting the text in accordance with the poet's linguistic and stylistic usage. This textof Oxford will be regarded as a landmark in the history of editions of Oxford. The Robert Cook edition of Venice 4, a text written in a hybrid language that combines French and Italian features, is specially adddressed to fit the needs of scholars immersed in the tradition of French epic. Chateauroux and Venice 7, lightly sprinkled with Italianate forms, are cognate versions, perhaps even copied in the same scriptorium. Joseph Duggan reconstructs the common model of the two texts while providing the complete text of Chateauroux in an appendix. Annalee Rejhon places the Paris version in the context of the cyclical manuscript in which it has survived, a compilation of poems tracing the deeds of the traitor Ganelon's lineage. Wolfgang van Emden's Cambridge edition is the first attempt to correct the readings of this idiosyncratic version. William Kibler's Lyon is the first correctly transcribed text of this version. His edition of the fragments brings the three together for the first time. The versions vary substantially. The episode of Aude, 30 lines in Oxford, is expanded greatly, becoming at its fullest extension a 956-line episode in the model of Chateauroux and Venice 7. The Venice 4 version includes a 570-line episode, the taking of Narbonne, found nowhere else. The episode of Baligant, a thousand lines in Oxford, is omitted from the Lyon version. In the rhymed texts, new episodes are added (the miracle of the hawthorn bushes, the miracle of the hazel trees, Ganelon's two escapes, the deliberation over how to execute the traitor) and the trial of Ganelon is entirely recomposed. In addition, there are hundreds of other differences of detail among the versions, on the levels of plot and phrasing. Each version is a substantial retelling of the legend of the Battle of Roncevaux and its causes and aftermath, a narrative that changes according to the needs and tastes of a succession of evolving social and cultural contexts. "Scripts of | Brepols Pub | Argument ..."